Prime Cigar Company HumidorWe are proud to feature Wisconsin’s largest humidor with over 100 brands and many more cigars from micro-cigar companies!

Appointed with finish carpentry and wood floor, our humidor is kept at an optimum 70-degrees and 70 percent humidity to ensure that all of our cigars meet the highest expectations of our customers.

Private Cigar Lockers

We also provide private cigar lockers for our customers, which are rented monthly and include a brass nameplate with your name or title. If you’d like to reserve a locker, please drop us a line via our contact page or ask one of our staff for an application.

Can’t Find Your Brand?

If we don’t currently have your preferred cigar brand in stock, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff members to special order it for you, or drop us a line via our contact page to arrange ordering and pick-up.

Featured Brands


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